In the late 1960’s Roger Earl & Lonesome Dave Peverett first toured America as members of the British Blues band SAVOY BROWN. In 1971, wanting to give their music a more Rock ‘n Roll feel they enlisted lead/slide guitarist Rod Price & bassist Tony Stevens, formed a new band, FOGHAT, and the rest is part of Rock and Roll history.

Signed to Bearsville Records in 1971, the band recorded and began touring relentlessly for the next 14 years. Their hard work has thus far been rewarded with seven Gold records, one Platinum record "FOOL FOR THE CITY" (1975), and one Double- Platinum record "FOGHAT LIVE" (1977). The "FOOL FOR THE CITY" album contained Foghat’s trademark Top 40 hit song "SLOW RIDE" and cemented their place as one of the world’s top rock acts. They continued to hit the charts in the 70’s with singles such as "FOOL FOR THE CITY", "DRIVIN’ WHEEL", "I JUST WANT TO MAKE LOVE TO YOU", "STONE BLUE", "THIRD TIME LUCKY" and "SOMEBODY’S BEEN SLEEPING IN MY BED”, many of which are still classic rock radio staples.

Foghat toured and recorded non-stop into the mid-eighties. Tony Stevens had left the band in 1974 to pursue other interests, and was replaced by bassist Craig MacGregor (with a short stint with Nick Jameson in between). Rod Price departed the band in 1980. In 1985 Lonesome Dave returned to England for a well-deserved break from touring, while Roger remained in the US and continued touring with various new musicians and Foghat alumni. In 1989 Lonesome Dave resumed touring in the states with future member Bryan Bassett.
1994 marks the return of Foghat to the world stage, when the original members reunite for the recording of "RETURN OF THE BOOGIE MEN". Being back on the road yielded a new live CD titled "ROAD CASES" in 1997. In 1998, Lonesome Dave is diagnosed with cancer. He battles it with amazing strength and courage. He decides he would like to tour again in 1999. With Rod Price’s decision not to return, Dave calls his old friend Bryan Bassett and asks him to join the band. Lonesome Dave performs flawlessly night after night doing what he loved while undergoing chemotherapy. The tour was cut short in the fall of 1999, when Dave returns home. He sadly passes away on 2/7/2000. Family and friends are devastated and he is mourned by thousands of fans.

As all who knew and loved Dave tried to adjust to this loss, the band had to decide whether to continue on. Even Dave’s encouragement to carry on was not enough to convince them. After much soul searching and support from fans, Roger began to check out some singers. None of them seemed to have that blend of blues and rock so important to the band’s sound. Roger happened to recall seeing a HUMBLE PIE show with Dave. They wanted to see who was singing their mate Stevie Marriott’s songs and were both impressed! The singer was former "TED NUGENT" and "VICTORY" vocalist Charlie Huhn. Roger contacted Charlie and a rehearsal was set up. After just a few hours of jamming, the chemistry was undeniable; he was the person to join the band. Charlie’s vocal ability and guitar playing fit the music perfectly and his high-energy stage presence provided an essential ingredient to the FOGHAT show.

The new line-up toured extensively doing what they loved to do...taking their music to the fans. The camaraderie and fun was apparent in their live performances and after two solid years of touring the band entered the studio to record a new album. “FAMILY JOULES” was released in 2003, which received great reviews. In 2004 they released a live DVD entitled “THE OFFICIAL BOOTLEG DVD, VOLUME 1” and at the end of that year, veteran Foghat bassist Craig MacGregor rejoined the lineup launching Foghat's hard rocking tradition into the future.

In 2007 they released a new double live CD entitled “FOGHAT LIVE II” , (recorded in 2005 & 2007) to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the original ‘FOGHAT LIVE’, and the reviews were exceptional! This opened up a new chapter for Foghat. In 2007, while promoting “LIVE II”, the band was invited to record a live session for DJ Mark Klein’s weekly ‘Long Island Blues Warehouse Radio Show’. They ended up releasing it as “LIVE AT THE BLUES WAREHOUSE” in 2009.

In the last few years the band has reached a whole new generation of fans due to its songs appearing on popular home video games like “GUITAR HERO III”, numerous movies, TV shows and commercials, As a result, the live dates continue to pile up!

“LAST TRAIN HOME”, released June 15, 2010, is the culmination of a dream shared by Roger Earl and Lonesome Dave. It contains some of their favorite blues songs, three originals ('Born for the Road', 'Last Train Home' and '495 Boogie’), and two songs by special guest performer and long time friend, Eddie 'Bluesman' Kirkland. (Sadly, Eddie Kirkland was killed in a car accident on 2/27/2011). Also performing are Colin Earl / piano, Jeff Howell / bass and Lefty Lefkowitz / harmonica. According to Earl “This CD is a testimony to Lonesome Dave. We always planned to do this. It was not hard work putting this album together; playing this kind of music is joyous. We had a blast!” With “LAST TRAIN HOME” Foghat comes full circle, with consistently incredible reviews.

Foghat has been together for 43 years, with Roger Earl in that drum seat throughout! 2013 brought lots of new and exciting releases and projects for the band. They released a single on July 9, 2013 called "THE WORD OF ROCK N' ROLL", a Christmas instrumental version of "WINTER WONDERLAND" on 11/5/13 and a new DVD "LIVE IN ST. PETE” on 12/10/13. There are more surprises for 2014! Their latest single “BOOGIE TRAIN”, was released on 3/25/14 and they are currently working on yet another new CD!
This band never sleeps or rests on its history! They still tour relentlessly because they just love to play, which is evident in the passion and fun they have onstage during their live performances. That is what Foghat is all about. It’s about the music!

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