FiiO X5 High Resolution Digital Audio Player Review

FiiO X5 High Resolution Digital Audio Player image 1FiiO X5 High Resolution Digital Audio Player Scandal Sheet The Second generation model in the X5 array has actually enhanced an already impressive base model. One tiny step for your eyes one gigantic leap for your ears is the motto for this Second generation design which packs native DSD translating a 40% rise in power result best for owning power starving headphones and also front runner elements that are typically best in course. The gamer has actually been made 15% lighter 12% smaller sized and also extra ergonomical with an enhanced button layout. Dual-core CPU The X5ii uses the Ingenics 4760B dual-core 600MHz CPU. With its formidable handling power the X5ii supports all 6 major lossless music styles – DSD APE FLAC ALAC WMA and also WAV lossless music styles. This is one of the most complete set of supported layouts to date among Hi-Fi DAPs. With the X5ii songs fans require not worry about absence of style support or layout conversion.

The X5ii even translates Apple’s proprietary ALAC style flawlessly. Indigenous DSD128 Translating The X5ii makes use of an all new electronic sound architecture and also has the ability to decipher native DSD64/128 as well as straight play SACD ISOs. To stay clear of inserting the DSD signal for quantity control FiiO included Texas Instruments best analog volume controller (PGA2311A) making certain the most faithful recreation of DSD while preventing issues with knob potentiometers such as channel imbalance as well as bad longevity. Top Quality Parts The FiiO X5 High Resolution Digital Audio Player protects the top-flight PCM1792A DAC decoder from Texas Instruments that was made use of in the initial X5 as well as couples it with 2 new OPA1652 OP AMPs with wonderful dynamic efficiency and also FET inputs for I/V conversion becoming aware extra-low distortion (0.00005%) as well as noise. The gamer after that uses 2 OPA1612 chips for low-pass filtering system and also voltage amplification. Finally to attain an adequate driving current for vast audio stage very dynamic music efficiency and also great bass power the headphone result phase employs 2 BUF634U amplifiers which could su.

The tool itself has a wonderful HD display screen with four or 5 different styles that you can switch to. All are vibrant as well as bright. The food selections are sharp on the display screen. The click wheel is similar to the iPod in the majority of means, but instead of the forward as well as backwards clicks you would expect on an iPod, you have assigned switches on this device for forward/back/menu and quantity. All buttons are very easy to navigate and also typically aren’t as simple to wrongly click as you might assume.

The FiiO X5ii is a fantastic product if you are searching for a portable music gamer that handles lossless songs documents and also only plays songs. If you are much more worried about having a gamer that does other points like takes photos as well as video clip, has internet gain access to, texting, phone capacity, etc., look somewhere else. This is a songs gamer for serious songs audiences, and also it delivers wonderful sound with earphones and on both automobile as well as home stereo. FiiO X5 High Resolution Digital Audio Player is especially assisted by having double crystal oscillators, one concentrated on tasting prices that are multiples of 44.1 khz, the other for sampling rates that are multiples of 48khz.

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  • Features
  • Supports for almost all formats including lossless music formats – MP2 MP3 OGG AAC WMA DSD APE FLAC ALAC WMA and WAV
  • 10 bands graphic EQ for fine-tuning freedom
  • 2 Micro SD card slots with support up to 256GB
  • USB DAC feature which supports playback in 192KHz / 24 Bit

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